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Estate Planning

Estate planning is a vital part of overall financial planning. It is an ongoing process to safeguard your future and that of your dependents, to augment your wealth and realize your financial dreams.

Stellentrust establish the best vehicles, including, but not limited to, trusts (both local and international), charitable foundations or trusts in order to protect your asset-base and ensure potential liability for Estate Duty and Capital Gains Tax is reduced as the regulatory framework allows.

Our estate planning service is tailor-made to your individual financial circumstances and family needs, while remaining flexible enough to adjust to changing legislation.

Estate Planning ensures that there is a holistic plan to take care of your personal and financial matters, should you pass away. Stellentrust Trust Services can assist you in structuring your Estate Planning to suit your unique circumstances, and to make sure that your estate is set up in a tax efficient way. We focus on all points of the plan in unison, taking into account your assets and liabilities and using different tools such as drafting of a Will or setting up a Trust. The tools used will vary, depending on your needs.

Stellentrust can assist you with the Estate Planning process, as we have Estate Planning experts, suitably qualified in law, taxation and financial planning.


Financial Consideration

Newly married / new partnership

You need to protect your spouse's right to jointly purchased assets through your Will

Divorced or separated

It is important that you review and update past planning, especially your Will.


If your children are minors (under 18), you need to ensure that the assets they inherit are protected through your Will

Substantial assets and /or assets which have potential to grow

You need to look at implementing structures to protect and secure your assets for future generations and to reduce taxes through Estate Planning

Growing wealth

Planning keeps taxes, especially Estate Duty, to a minimum

Own your own business

You need to provide for succession planning after your death, through your Will

Who should undergo an estate planning exercise?

Thorough estate planning could benefit anyone. However, if you have growing wealth or own your own business, you should definitely look into speaking to an expert in the field. Stellentrust can assist with this. We have a number of estate planning experts on our staff, suitably qualified to give you the assistance you require.

What does estate planning aim to achieve?

Estate planning is particularly important where one has been involved in more than one relationship or marriage. It can also help limit the impact of taxation on your estate.

Many estates lack sufficient available cash to settle debts. This may result in hardships for family members who will either have to provide cash themselves or agree to the sale of other assets to generate the cash needed. Ongoing planning for liquidity needs of an estate is a vital element of estate planning.

If you have a business, estate planning also considers issues such as how a business is structured, whether business creditors could attach personal assets, tax ramifications for one's personal affairs, etc.

The ultimate goal of estate planning is to devise a holistic plan for an individual's life and affairs.

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